Carbon fiber insoles

These carbon fiber insoles are indicated when dorsiflexion across the forefoot is painful. By making the front of the foot across the ball of the foot with these more rigid insoles in the shoe can

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Bunion Assassin

The Bunion Assassin

The Bunion Assassin is an effective splint to wear to help with the alignment of the big toe and to help with pain in the big toe joint. It is preferably worn during the day whereas the bunion corr

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podiatry felt

The Uses of Podiatry Felt

Podiatry felt is a foam like material with a self adhesive backing that is used to fashion pads to off load the pressure of painful areas of the foot. Advertisement: I get commissions for purchases

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toe foam

How to use the toe foams?

The Toe foams are made from a polyurethane foam that is commonly used by podiatrists for a range of problems that affect the toes. The tubular toe foam protectors come in several different widths a

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bunion corrector

Do the bunion correctors work?

The bunion correctors are braces or night splints that you wear on the foot to try and correct a bunion overnight. Bunions are caused by the forces coming from the shoes during the day, so it is de

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