calcaneal apophysitis

What is Calcaneal Apophysitis?

Calcaneal Apophysitis is the technical name for Severs Disease. This is a painful area at the back of the heel bone where the growth plate is. It is common in children and as its a strain of the growth plate, the disorder goes away by about the early teenage years when that growth pate no longer exists.


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KidSole Sport Traction Shock Absorbing Lightweight Gel Heel Cups for Kid's with Sensitive Heels, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, or Ankle Pain (2 Pairs, 4 Single Heelcups) (Kid's Size 3-7)
  • Introducing the KidSole Gel Sport Traction Heel Cup/Pad for kids with heel sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis or any other undiagnosed heel pain issues.
  • Sport grip design allows heel pad to stay in place while kids run & play. This product is specifically designed for active kids who need additional heel comfort and protection.
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KidSole RX Gel Sports Sock for Kids with Heel Sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis (Teen Size 7.5-9, Black)
  • Introducing the KidSole RX Gel Sports Sock for kids with heel sensitivity from Severs Disease, Plantar Fasciitis or any other undiagnosed heel pain issues.
  • 3/4 length design allows it to easily be worn on top of or underneath casual or sports sock. The 3/4 Design is for maximum breathability so your child's foot does not get too hot. This product is specifically designed for kids with heel discomfort from Severs or other heel disorders.
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Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups, Cushion Insert for Shock Absorption, Plantar Fasciitis, Sever’s Disease and Heel Pain, Made in the USA, Regular, 1 Pair
  • ULTIMATE HEEL PAIN RELIEF - Provides immediate relief by cushioning the area and elevating the heel. Allows you to prevent and treat heel problems as well as maximize your athletic performance
  • SHOCK ABSORBERS FOR FEET - Provides relief and comfort to aching, tired, sore feet. Worn in your shoes, Tuli’s helps prevent and aid in sore heels and knees, shin splints, heel spurs, relieving arch, ankle, leg and back pain, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, sever’s disease, and heel discomfort
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Tuli's Cheetah Gen2 Heel Cup, Foot Protection for Gymnasts and Dancers with Sever’s Disease and Heel Pain, Youth Small
  • ✶BAREFOOT, HEEL PROTECTION – The Tuli’s Cheetah Gen2 provides the needed support that gymnasts, dancers, tumblers, martial artists, and others count on to help alleviate heel pain, Sever’s Disease, Achilles Tendonitis & Plantar Fasciitis.
  • ✶BIO-MECHANICALLY DESIGNED SHOCK ABSORPTION – The Cheetah Gen2 delivers a dynamic combination of shock absorption from the multi-cell, multi-layer heel cup & comfortable reinforcement from the lightweight neoprene sleeve.
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Tuli's X Brace, Arch Support Brace and Compression for Sever's Disease, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Flat Feet, Fallen Arches and Over-Pronation, 1 Pair, Small
  • ✶RELIEF & SUPPORT FOR SENSITIVE ARCHES & HEELS – The Tuli’s X Brace relieves heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, Sever’s disease, and over-pronation by easing some of the tension and stress placed on the plantar fascia ligament.
  • ✶REDUCES ARCH PRESSURE – The X Brace’s unique “X” design provides unmatched arch support and prevents the plantar fascia ligament from stretching excessively and causing significant pain.

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