Treatments Options for Chilblains

Chilblains on the toes are a common condition of the feet in colder environments that can be quite uncomfortable. They are due to changes in the temperature of the feet from being colder to warmer too quickly for the smaller blood vessels to react to this change in temperature. This creates an inflammatory process which will be itchy and later painful. The skin of chilblains becomes first red and inflamed looking, but then takes on more of a dark blue look as it becomes more chronic.

The handling of the chilblain is firstly to not get them by putting on warm hosiery and shoes so that the foot does not get too cold. Once a chilblain has happened, then you need to apply creams and other medicaments to relive the itching, irritation and pain. Physical stimulating by rubbing the area can help improve the circulation and remove the toxic products that have built up from the inflammation in the toe.


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