foot filer

Foot File

A Foot File is a tool that consumers can use to reduce thick and had skin on the foot, especially if the skin is cracking around the heel. The foot file is effective but it is not necessarily the m

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podiatry felt

The Uses of Podiatry Felt

Podiatry felt is a foam like material with a self adhesive backing that is used to fashion pads to off load the pressure of painful areas of the foot. Advertisement: I get commissions for purchases

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Cracked heels

Dealing With Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a rather common problem around the back and sides of the heel where the skin splits and it may become painful and even get infected. They usually happen when the skin around that

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cluffy wedge

The Cluffy Wedge

The Cluffy wedge is an option that clinicians sometimes use on the front edge of a foot orthotic to help problems with the big toe joint of the foot. The Cluffy wedge can also be purchased as a sta

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toe foam

How to use the toe foams?

The Toe foams are made from a polyurethane foam that is commonly used by podiatrists for a range of problems that affect the toes. The tubular toe foam protectors come in several different widths a

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cam walker

Do you need a CAM Walker?

The CAM walkers are often used to treat a wide range of foot and ankle injuries when you need to limit motion at the ankle joint (CAM stands for ‘controlled ankle movement’). They are a

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How to use corn remover pads?

Corn remover pads are commonly used to treat corns on the toes. These pads contain an acid that are supposed to eat or destroy the corn. The problem is that they do not always work two well for a c

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The Akileine range of foot creams

Akileine manufacturer a wide range of skin creams for dry skin, cracked skin, peeling skin and for conditions like chilblains. Advertisement: I get commissions for purchases made through links on t

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The Archies Flip Flops

The Archies flip flops are a brand from Australia that have an arch support built into the flip flop. The amount of the arch support is similar to what you can get in an over-ther-counter foot supp

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bunion corrector

Do the bunion correctors work?

The bunion correctors are braces or night splints that you wear on the foot to try and correct a bunion overnight. Bunions are caused by the forces coming from the shoes during the day, so it is de

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